Substitute Teaching

Typically graduate students have a full schedule filled with homework, classes, internships, and student teaching. Like most college students, most of our wallets are empty and we looking for experience within our field. Thankfully, there are many elementary, middle, and high schools in the Potsdam area. Each of the schools in the neighboring district are always looking for substitute teachers. This opportunity is great for graduate students because they have the opportunity to gain more teaching experience while making extra money. The pay ranges by district from about $85-$100 per day. There are also so many long-term sub opportunities since it is common for teachers to take a medical leave of absence. It is also possible to sub for only half the day. Substitute teaching is beneficial for graduate students because it is not a consistent job. This means that if you are overwhelmed with homework or other obligations, it is not mandatory to work. Each day in the classroom also counts for days towards a professional teaching certificate.

I am glad that I took the opportunity to substitute teach in two different school districts because I have the opportunity to experience different grade levels each day. Even though I am only certified to teach grades Birth-6, I still was able to experience upper grades. Being a substitute teacher makes it easy for me to leave Potsdam on breaks or to visit friends because I can work whenever I am available. I also had the chance to experience the differences between school districts and grade levels. Substitute teaching looks great on a resume and it gives you the opportunity to be a part an active participant of a school district.

As I mentioned, substitute teaching will give you the opportunity to gain experience, rack up teaching days towards professional certification, and extra cash. If you are interested in applying to sub in a school district, most applications are posted on the school district websites.