Opera-tunities in Opera Club

Opera-tunities in Opera Club
By: Jennifer Adams

It’s okay to admit that the image you think of when you hear the word “opera” is a large woman with Viking horns a top her head belting out a high note that shatters glass.  Though many of us have this initial image of opera, the truth is, opera is about so much more. Opera is a form of dramatic art through composition.

I’ve been a member of Opera Club at SUNY Potsdam since September 2014.  The club is open to anyone (NOT just Crane students)! Whether you’re a lover of opera, new to opera, or hoping to learn more about opera, Opera Club is the place for you! Not only will you meet great people who are enthusiastic about Opera, you will also learn a great deal about Opera itself.

The Metropolitan Opera HD Live is presented by SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music and the Roxy Theater.  The Roxy presents both the Live Met Opera and its encore performance for numerous operas throughout the Met season.  Opera Club attends these showings as a group, and members also get discounted tickets!

Currently, Opera Club is working on Opera scenes. Members are choosing scenes, singing, staging, directing, and coaching. Even if you’re not so sure about singing, there are plenty of jobs and ways to get involved in helping!

Meetings are Thursday evenings at 6pm. Location is determined on a weekly basis. For more information, please visit our Facebook page!


We really hope to meet you at our next meeting!