SUNY Potsdam Graduate Student

Hello! My name is Julie Hollis and I am a graduate student at SUNY Potsdam. I am currently enrolled in the Literacy Specialist program and I plan on graduating with my MSED in May of 2015! I also attended SUNY Potsdam for my undergraduate and earned my BA in Early Childhood/Childhood education with a minor in History. I chose to continue my studies at SUNY Potsdam because the campus has a lot of offer. The professors are very supportive and the campus offers many of opportunities to help me enhance my resume. I felt very comfortable and content at SUNY Potsdam so I decided to stay for my Master’s degree. Continuing my education at Potsdam was one of the best choices that I made and I am excited to start my last semester.

I am from Buffalo, NY and even though I live around a variety of different colleges, I fell in love with Potsdam’s campus. Throughout my whole college experience, I have been actively involved in numerous campus organizations that has enhanced my college experience such as Wellness Advocates, TESA, Active Minds, and Greek life. Graduate students are also encouraged and welcome to join campus organizations. There are also paid opportunities on campus that are available for graduate students such as graduate assistantships.

As a graduate student, I feel that SUNY Potsdam offers so many options to become an active participant on campus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Graduate Studies office. Campus tours are offered along with additional information on majors, scholarships, organizations, and more.


One thought on “SUNY Potsdam Graduate Student

  1. Alex Norton

    Hi Julie,

    I am looking at applying for the MST in Childhood program at SUNY Potsdam May 2018. Your post really got me excited to start this adventure once I have my undergrad completed at Carleton University.

    Could you give me some insight on how each semester works? How many days a week are you in class each semester and for how long each day? I currently work full time as an ECE in the Full Day Kindergarten program and am completing my undergrad part time online. I also coach skating and am trying to figure out how I can continue coaching in Ottawa while I complete my teaching degree at SUNY Potsdam. If you could email me a type of schedule or layout I would really appreciate it. It will help my decision process greatly!

    Take care,

    Alex Norton


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