MST Childhood Education

Are you looking into applying to be an MST in Childhood Education student?  Well then, here is a little bit of information and advice in terms of program requirements and the practicum experience.

As an MST student in Childhood Education (certification in grades 1-6), we all must complete our Practicum in Childhood Education before student teaching. This is where each student is provided with supervised classroom experience.

In this practicum, we must complete at least 100 hours in the field with all aspects of childhood curriculum, as well as at least 15 hours of special education field experience. It is expected at this practicum that you will use the prior knowledge from the classes you have taken in undergraduate, as well as graduate school.

By completing this Practicum, one will learn the modern technologies and curriculum including using the Common Core Standards of NYS. As an MST student, you will learn how to write a proper lesson plan, as well as implement the lesson in real life experience.

The practicum experience is very exciting and useful in the prerequisite to student teaching. I am so grateful for the opportunity the MST in Childhood Education program at SUNY Potsdam has given me to be enrolled in practicum. Here is some things you may need for the first day of Practicum.

5 things you need for your first day of Practicum…

  1. An open mind that is ready to learn
  2. An infectious smile
  3. Professional attire
  4. Pens and pencils
  5. Lunch

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