Literacy Specialists

For those who are trying to decide between the many different Master’s programs that SUNY Potsdam has to offer, here’s a little insight into one of the programs…

I am currently majoring in the MSED Literacy Specialist program, which I love!  This program has given me a great opportunity to get involved in the schools right away, while getting paid.  What college student wouldn’t want to make a little extra money?  The MSED Literacy Specialist program gives Master’s students the chance to work first hand with a Literacy Specialist at a local school.  However, this is nothing like student teaching or any type of practicum.

During this internship YOU are the teacher!

Each day I meet with different groups of students for a half hour at a time.  The groups range from one-on-one up to two students, but could be more depending on how many students need this service.  For each group I plan lessons that are focused on the students’ needs, and then teach the lesson.  Not only am I teaching, but I also assess the students to see if they are improving in their literacy skills.  Based on these assessments, the student’s services are either increased or decreased.  This means that my groups are changing constantly.

This internship lasts for two semesters, and takes place of the Literacy Practicum.  You are able to work for half a day, or for a whole day, depending on your schedule and what the school you are placed in offers.  I find that there can be some benefits to doing this internship:

1. You make money, while practicing what you are studying.

2. You are getting into a reading room right away, so you can see if that is what you really want to do.

3. Being involved in the classroom gives you a great opportunity to connect what you are learning in your courses to how it can be used in a reading room… Which you will do for ALL of your courses!

I have found this internship to be such a great opportunity!  I have made connections with many faculty members and administration, as well as learned so much in just the short time that I’ve been in the reading room.

If you are looking to become a Literacy Specialist, and proceed with the MSED Literacy Specialist program, I highly recommend that you consider taking advantage of this opportunity!

Good luck to all!

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