Hello There!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting the SUNY Potsdam Graduate blog, I hope you’re enjoying it so far!

Well, first things first (I’m the realest… ha just kidding!), my name is Moriah but most people call me Mya. I am from lower New York, in Sullivan County from a small rural town called Liberty. I fell in love with the campus and decided to complete my undergrad here with a dual major in history and secondary social studies education! During my four years here I kept falling in love, this time with the faculty and friends I made along the way, and decided to continue my education here at Potsdam in the Curriculum and Instruction program concentrating in secondary social studies.

The program started in the summer, shortly after graduation, offering a flexible schedule for those who have jobs and/or obligations during the day time. Most of my classes take place in the evening, with a few exceptions, giving me plenty of time to pursue some of my own personal enjoyments such as Adopt-A-Bear Club (similar to big sister & big brother), volunteering at the Potsdam Humane Society, and of course, trying out new recipes in my new crock-pot for the holidays! So far, I can say it’s been a smooth and enjoyable journey!

It’s hard to pin-point just one reason why I decided to stay at Potsdam, but I can narrow it down to the opportunities that led to the best experiences I will probably ever have in my life! There are a variety of clubs, organizations, eateries (Yes, those are important, especially when PACES Dining Service was rated #1 of all the 27 colleges and universities of its size in the SUNY Student Opinion Survey!), and activities I could try out to discover what was right for me! I was able to uncover new hobbies and interests while meeting great people along the way.

Even in the graduate program these opportunities are still available; with a simple walk into the Student Union where the clubs and organizations I mentioned are usually tabling and waiting to introduce themselves to you through fun games and sign-up sheets. Or, you can find what you’re looking for on flyers and table-tents all over campus for events going on throughout the week! The options are plentiful and the best part is even in grad school I am able to try new things if I want to and have time to focus on my academics! Which I should be getting back to now since finals week is next week!

Thank you for visiting the blog and hope to see you soon!

Happy Holidays!

hehe :)