Last night, the Crane School of Music hosted the Candlelight Holiday Concert. Held in Potsdam’s ever lovely Hosmer Hall, the Crane Symphony Orchestra and Crane Chorus collaborated to perform a selection of holiday music for the community. I had the benefit of attending the concert, and besides the music I really had a great view.


Wait, that’s not Hosmer Hall!

No, it isn’t. Its my ancient laptop accompanied by mountains of homework. Amongst the many lessons I’ve learned about graduate life, the biggest one is that life will often throw unexpected things at you. That night it took shape as a pretty gnarly cold. So as I continued my studies, using up tissue after tissue, I did get to utilize one of Crane’s latest and most convenient attributes: live stream! Many cameras have been installed in Crane’s performance halls so that those who cannot attend concerts physically can still watch and listen online. This is a great tool to use- a lot of students travel from far away to come to Potsdam, and so parents and friends are able to watch from miles away! Or…if you’re a grad student who isn’t feeling all too well and has one too many assignments to accomplish, the live stream comes in handy.  The picture quality is pretty good, and the sound comes out great.


(Here, the Crane Chorus sings the world premiere of Stella Nuova, composed by Crane’s own Dr. Gregory Wanamaker. )

Candlelight is a wonderful annual experience for community members and students alike. These performers spends hours of preparation for this day and for anyone that listens it can definitely be heard. What makes this concert so reminiscent and warming is the interaction between the performers and those in the audience. Throughout the concert, the audience participates in traditional Christmas carols. Below is a picture depicting everyone singing “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”.


As a Crane alumni, I can’t help but be proud at the sight and sound of these moments. There are so many opportunities to listen to world famous music right on campus. Crane will host concerts every night- concerts that will you didn’t realize you’d hold close to your memories after you graduate! Its truly a great benefit of being a Potsdam graduate student.


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