Graduate School?!

First off, welcome and many thanks for visiting this blog! This page is a collaboration of observations, comments, suggestions, and all over collection of happenings around the ever growing Graduate Studies at SUNY Potsdam.

My name is Pasqua, and I’m currently a graduate student here in Potsdam! However, this is not my first round with the school up north. I first came here in 2010 as an undergraduate student where I earned my degree in Music Education (K-12) through the Crane School of Music. This time around, I decided that I wanted to mix things up a bit and get my masters in Special Education. I hope that one day I can utilize both of my degrees to teach music to children with special needs!

A lot of people have been asking me what it was that made me want to stay in Potsdam another year, and I’ll be completely honest…this was not something that I was planning on!  As time passed and I began to think more I realized that a great plan of action was to get my masters and further in my professional life! I have to admit I’m very glad I’ve made the decision to revisit my alma mater Potsdam. Potsdam has this great community that I truly did become favorable of. Its a small community, but the people here are welcoming and aren’t afraid of striking a nice conversation with a stranger. If you ride a bike like me, this town is convenient for biking to the grocery store for a single thing and making it back home in ten minutes tops. There is a great number of “mom and pop” types of shops which means more a more personal touch…and they will recognize you. Easily. (Yes, Sir at Dunkin Donuts…the usual…medium coffee with light cream and sugar. Yep. Thanks.)

The student body of graduate students are really diverse with people coming from different stages in life. Some are recent undergrads, some have full time jobs with kids. Getting to know these different types of people allows you to understand different experiences in your own life. You also get the chance to get close to those who are in your program. In my program, the people are really friendly and we are able and ready to help each other. Its truly a great bond you make with your classmates. I’m very thankful to work with a really great group of people that are walking in the same shoes I have!

I do feel graduate school at Potsdam was a great choice. The workload is heavy, but each assignment, project, presentation, and journal allows me to learn more about why education is so important to me. I hope that you feel the same! Be sure to keep checking up on this page! We have a great line up of bloggers that love to share the experience of Potsdam’s Graduate Studies!


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