Fired Up and Ready to Go!

Hey y’all!

Tomorrow we are spending the day gearing up and getting ready for the reason we made the 21 hour trek! We have been receiving e-mails from Aungelita Williams, who will be our hostess at the Ron Clark Academy and we are super excited to spend a day with Ron Clark at the Academy. Our day will consist of observing Mr. Clark teach, and then professional development workshops for teachers. We aren’t sure of specifics, but we will know more Monday!

As Meredith, Shelby, Ainsly, and I prepare for our day at the Ron Clark Academy, I am reflective of how this came to be and how special it really is. What started out as a classroom management presentation on Ron Clark’s 55 Essential Rules has turned into a dream come true (for me at least). Ron Clark is a personal hero of mine, an amazing teacher, and a highly regarded professional within the field of teaching.

We (students) are so lucky to have a great support system of teachers and staff who do everything possible to help us succeed and thrive as future educators. Again, a huge thank you to Grad Studies (Josh, Pete, and Annette) for funding our registration for the RCA. Also a big thank you to Dr. Abramovich (who was immensely helpful in securing funding from other places), as well as Dr. Chadwick, Dr. Anderson, and Dr. Brouwer for their generous help toward making this possible.


As a side note: Grad Studies has professional development funding available for all graduate students. If any of you have proposed trainings, conferences, or other miscellaneous ideas that will contribute to personal professional development in your field, apply for funding! It is an option for all graduate students, so take advantage of it if you can!

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